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В своё время повторил себе телеграфный ключик "Простой ямбический телеграфный ключ на одной 8 ногой микросхеме" - подробности здесь: http://rm9wy.ru/index.php?id=83 и недавно с удивлением обнаружил, что проект нашел нового продолжателя - Don Froula, WD9DMP, который выпустил уже несколько версий доработок для этой конструкции, изменения в блоге http://blog.templaro.com/a-tiny-and-open-source-cw-keyer/  в конце комментариев, прошивки лежат здесь: http://projectmf.homelinux.com/keyer/ (сайт сейчас недоступен, домер явно перекуплен.)  

P.S. Архивчик теперь живет здесь : https://projectmf.org/keyer/ (WD9DMP)

В частности:

- добавлены еще два буфера по 100 знаков - итого, 4 (маяк теперь работает из 4 буфера)

- введен режим засыпания после 60 секунд простоя, со снижением  потребления питания до 0.3 микроампера, что позволяет полностью отказаться от выключателя питания, что еще упростит конструкцию

- введена возможность корректного сохранения в память специальных символов, типа BT SK AR KN BK AS KA VE AA

- пофиксены некоторые баги.

Внимание! С Новые доработки рассчитаны на процессор с бОльшей памятью, ATTiny 85 и на 45 процессоре работать не будут! Схема обновленной конструкции та-же самая, нужно только заменить процессор.

К тому же , по опыту собственной эксплуатации ключика (RM9WY) решил заменить контроллер заряда Li-Po аккумулятора на подобный, но с защитой аккумулятора от переразряда. Для опытной проработки заказал на АЛИ готовую платку контроллера, но есть желание собрать все на одной своей плате, заодно заменив излишне "дырявый" корпус.

Под катом - история изменений в проекте. (WD9DMP)

Released: V. 0.3 16.12.2010

 + Allow speed change anytime
 + Add a paddle swap function
 + Fix slight difference between keying and playback
 + Callsign training sometimes creates funny callsigns
 + Callsign training sometimes does not want my V!
 + TX INV mode needs to be initialized properly after reset
 + Add a function that inhibits keying in command mode
 + Add a callsign training function
 + Decoder does not understand /? Might need that for macros
 + Find a better way to handle command mode.
 + LFSR should not be called from yack code
 + Add a MACRO function.. Entry through command mode, Left and right paddle
 + Save all settings in EEPROM
 + Integrate dk3lj.h macro into this file
 + Exit even during a char
 + Add a Beacon function
 + Change DIT and DAH for speed up and down
 + Change default timeout to 5 seconds
 + Should streamline constant naming "DIT" & "DAH"
 + Cleanded up and rearranged code
 + Added functions to toggle INV, TX and sidetone bits
 + Moved the latches into volatile flag register
 + Callsigns are repeating :-)
Released: V. 0.4 05.06.2011
  + Let the chip go to power off mode after 30 seconds of inactivity (can be revived
    with Dit, Dah or Command key) Power consumption is so low that no power switch is needed
  + Default TXINV mode is now clear after reset. This caters for keyers driven through a NPN transistor.

Released: V. 0.5
  + Added Ultimatic and DAHPRIO modes
  + Modified the keying logic as timing appeared wrong
  + Added a Lockdown mode to prevent unwanted changes
  + Added functionality to prevent chip power down when beacon function is active
  + Extended tune mode keydown to 20 seconds
  + Extended pause after R in callsign practise mode
  + Added Farnsworth function
  + Pause after command keypress??
  + Speed not identical in keyer and playback
Released: V. 0.6
  + Small bug in V-Command, sounds error after Version number
  + Changed entire timing logic to be based on timer 1
  + Doubled system heartbeat to 5ms and removed all corrections now
    playback and iambic keying sound exactly the same
  + Farnsworth pause was not stored
  + Reintroduced inactivity timeout from command mode
Released: V. 0.7
  + Bug in the Macro playback routine. After playing back, the routine
    immediately sends an OK and exits to key mode. Now it does not send the OK but returns to
    key mode after 15 seconds so the user gets the chance to repeat the macro in this time.

Released V. 0.75 (really, just personalized preferences for DK3LJ's YACK project) 03.10.2013
  + Default mode Iambic A
  + Default side tone 700 Hz
  + Default keying positive
  + Default speed 15 wpm!
  + Plays greeting "73" (without keying) when powered on
  + Replaced "OK" with "R" for command acknowledgments
  + Replaced "E" with "SK" when exiting command mode
 Released V. 0.85 - 22.12.2016 - Don Froula, WD9DMP
  + Default mode Iambic B
  + Default side tone 800 Hz
  + Fixed changes in speed not saving to EEPROM after command key release
  + Fixed changes in sidetone not saving to EEPROM on timeout (worked only when command key pressed to exit)
  + Added 2 additional 100 character memories, 3 and 4. Now works on ATTINY85 only
  + Changed directives for compilation on ATTINY85
  + Changed commands for memory playback: "E" for memory 1, "I" for memory 2, "T" for memory 3, "M" for memory 4
  + Added commands "3" and "4" for recording new memories
  + Changed command to change keying polarity from "I" to "F" ("Flip") to accomodate use of "I" for memory playback
  + Unit enters low power mode after 60 seconds, not 30 as specified in yack.h. Not sure why, as other timings are ok so left it
  + Measured current draw at 4.5 volts is about 1 ma in active idle. In power down mode, draw is only .3 microamps.
  + Added additional punctuation recognition for memory recording. Now: ? . / !(American and Continental) , : ; " $ ' ( ) - @ _ paragraphbreak = +
  + Added additional prosign recognition for memory recording, Now: BT SK AR KN BK AS KA VE AA
  + Beacon mode now uses memory 4
  Released V. 0.86 - 22.12.2016 - Don Froula, WD9DMP
  + Added a call to save changes to EEPROM while in command mode loop if DIRTYFLAG set for better EEPROM parm save reliability.
  + Changed "SK" response when leaving command mode to "#" which now decodes to proper SK without intercharacter space.
  + Beacon command ("N") was in both the lockable and unlockable command list, making it unlockable. I removed it from the unlockable list, making it lockable.  
  Released V. 0.87 - 03.01.2017 - Don Froula, WD9DMP
  + Added short 3 DAH delay after command returns before txok ("R") is sent to prevent some command outputs running on with txok.
  + If memory recording is interrupted by command button, keyer now returns txok ("R") and stays in command mode. Memory is unchanged.
  + Memory playback halts immediately on command key instead of looping through message length without playing anything.
  + Removed playback of recorded message before saving.
  + When in Pitch change routine, allow breaking back to command mode with key press. Changes are saved.
  + When in Farnsworth spacing change routine, allow breaking back to command mode with key press. Changes are saved.
  + Changed Farnsworth setting mode to play continuous DIT-DAH when not holding paddle to adjust, like Pitch command
  + Changed Version command to return to command mode instead of normal mode if interrupted with command key
  + Changed speed inquiry command to return to command mode instead of normal mode if interrupted with command key

Файлики проекта: Архив с файликами прошивки 0.87   мануал на английском естессно!

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