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Getting The News On Your Page...



You can show the news, archives on your page by using some of the following php codes in your page. The page where you include news, should be with extension *.php.

If you want these codes to be auto-generated for you, login into CuteNews and go to Options > Integration Wizards.

When showing news, archives you can use $number = x; to limit the to x the number of maximum showed news on one page. If you use $number, "next >>" link to remaining news will be displayed.

if you want to show news, archives from certain category you can use $category = "ID"; where ID is the id of the category, you can choose and more that one category like this: $category = "id1,id2,id3";

When you want to display news and headlines on one page for example, and want when a headline is clicked, the article to be displayed on the place of the news you must use $static = true; before including headlines.


Showing Active News


Showing with Different Template

  $template = "YOUR_TEMPLATE_NAME";   include("path/to/show_news.php");

Showing Archives


Showing 5 Latest News

  $number = "5";

Showing 5 News from Category with ID 2

  $number = "5";
  $category = "2";

Showing All Headlines And The 1 Latest News Article On One Page

  $static = true;
  $template = "Headlines";

  $number = "1";

Remember that:

  • in all of the above examples you must replace path/to/... to with your path where you installed CuteNews
  • and not to use the URL but the path

    WRONG: include("http://site.com/cutenews/show_news.php);
    CORRECT: include("cutenews/show_news.php);

  • in most cases when you include news and headlines in one page, you must use $static = TRUE;
  • when you use $number, $category, $template or any other variable, it must be BEFORE include("show_news.php");
  • if you have any problems, you can always go to our support forums and we'll be more than glad to help you.
Help & Support

If you have some problems with CuteNews you can go to our support forum.

But before posting your problem on our forums, please look at the included Help Documentation with CuteNews. You can access it through CuteNews > Help > CuteNews internal Help Documentation.

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